Fear the Lord

The blessed life springs from living and abiding in the fear of the Lord. It is our honor and respect for Him that releases an empowerment to prosper.  When we talk about “Fearing” the Lord, we don’t mean fear in the traditional sense as in, God is out to get you.  Fearing the Lord is reverencing and respecting Him as the creator of all things.

In today’s society, many kids are not taught respect for their elders, much less for God Almighty.  We can set an example for today’s youth by being respectful of others and of God.  By learning and teaching respect, we are on the road to the blessing.  How can we honor God?  By putting his Word first and meditating on His precepts.

Declaration of Faith

“I reverently fear the Lord. It is my desire to follow His commands and fulfill my purpose in this life. I honor Him in all I do by putting His Word first and meditating on His precepts.”

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