Be fearless!

As we continue to keep the attitude of prayer, let us focus on those in leadership.  That the men and women God has placed in leadership may prosper and be strenghen with might to overcome the odds that stand against them.  As we know that in these times of godlessness and selfish motives, God still reigns and He is still raising up his people to be fearless in the face of wickedness! So those who bear the beautiful Name by which we are saved, Jesus, must be fearless to pray and speak boldly against those who oppose Godly values and biblical truth! Let us truly pray that our country regains its roots of Christianity and that those who are taking a stand against wickedness will stir up the people to get back on track with moral values! And those who oppose will have a true change of heart and give their lives to God and follow only Him!

1 Timothy 2:1-4

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