Demonstrate your Faith

Your faith resonates clearly through every word you speak. What you say is the real demonstration of what you believe. Do you have the voice of faith or the voice of doubt and unbelief?

The Word says, “…For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

You can tell what is in your heart by what you speak when you are under pressure.  It will be either be faith in God’s Word or Fear and doubt.  What is the first words out of your mouth when a situation arises?  Faith words or fear words?

If you put the Word in you, it is what will come out of you.


“My faith in God resonates clearly through every word I speak.  I am in agreement with the Lord and His Word and my voice and actions reflect that.  I choose to put down any doubt and unbelief and to stand up in faith declaring God’s Word over my life.”

Speak Your Mind