Taking Up our Cross

As much as Jesus’ willingness to suffer and die for our sake, we also must be willing to take up our cross for Christ.  Dying to yourself and your flesh can be hard.  Are we really completely sold out for God that we would be willing to do that?

Take up your cross and follow Jesus and you shall enter eternal life.  He Himself opened the way before you in carrying His cross, and upon it died for you, that you, too might take up your cross and long to die upon it.  If you dies with Him, you shall also live with Him and if you share His suffering,  you shall also share His glory.

“Take up your cross, and you shall enter eternal life,” that is a promise.  When we choose to live for God and not ourselves, we will notice all of our wants and needs being filled so there is no reason to long for anything else but Him!

Matt 10:38 Jesus tells us, “and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”

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