The Joy of Lord is Our Strength

It is time that we stop trying to live by our own strength and power.  If we do, we will always fall short and end up in trouble.  God has given us the ability to press into the Lord and “the joy of the Lord is our strength” Neh 8:10.  There is no reason to ever fall short when you are in God.  Practice the presence of the Lord and be joyful. 

Joy is not a feeling but a confidence you have in the Lord that he is always working things out for your good (for those who are called by His name).  It will not always line up with your emotions, but it is a knowing that the truth of the word superceeds your circumstances.  It is impossible to live victoriously in our own strength so give it up and cast your cares on Him, for he cares for you!


If we just step back into his presence, he is faithful to give us wisdom in every situation when we need it.

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