Require Me Daily

Require Me Daily CoverThe Lord calls us daily into His presence.  Dive into this practical guide to God’s Word and feed on the Spirit as he leads you into a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Join Bishop Greg Nies Sr. on his daily Journeys into God’s Presence

Day 1 -

Job 22:28“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee…”

As we declare and decree the Word of the Lord, it will bring forth the abundance that Jesus died to give us.  We have been given the power and the authority of the anointing and follow His guidance, we can go beyond the natural boundaries.  Taking away the selfish nature and applying spiritual direction will lead us to great victory for the kingdom of God.  We do not have to live life under any circumstances any longer. Speak forth the Word of God and see the awesome results every day.

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